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Help make the perfect first impression with a professional headshot!


What A Great Headshot Will Do For You

Increase Visibility!

A great headshot sets you apart from the rest. Stand out from the crowd with a professional headshot!

Increase Credibility!

A great headshot allows people to trust you to get the job done possibly before they even meet you.

Increase Likeability!

A great headshot makes people want to reach out to work with you. A professional headshot helps that.

Increase Profitability!

When people see your professional headshot they will feel confident working with you. More work, equals more profit.


Have Fun During Your Shoot


This is unlike any photo shoot you may have had before! There is no “say cheese” in my studio. During your session, you will be taught all about how to look your best in your photos and it will all happen in a fun and relaxed environment. Laughing brings out the best expressions humans have to offer, so lets get to having some fun! Click the button below to schedule your shoot!


It’s easy to get your new headshots


Booking can be easily done online through the online scheduler. Find the time that works best for you on the calendar and it’s all yours! 


Don’t be nervous about this stage! Once we get going you will begin to see your new headshots come to life. I look forward to getting you in front of my camera!


Your selections will be retouched within one week from when they are made. You can then enjoy the amazing perks of having a professional headshot!


What People Are Saying

White Man Acting Headshot Philadelphia

Bernard Gasiorowski:

“Matthew's personality will put you at ease, which will help you relax, and therefore get great photos. Matthew will "direct" you in poses in order to bring out the true you. His package fees are very reasonable, which makes it very affordable for all.”

White Woman Corporate Headshot Philadelphia

Kim Brown:

“I initially thought this was going to be an entirely awkward experience, forced smiles, just all sorts of un-natural movement. Not at all!!! It was awesome. The time flew by and I got fantastic shots. I highly recommend MHamiltonVisuals.”

Black Man Business Headshot Philadelphia

Godwin Okoli: 

“Matt's a consummate professional. He's knowledgeable of his craft, responsive to questions and inquiries and was able to create a welcoming environment in his studio for newbies such as myself.”


Meet Your Headshot Photographer


"I provide my clients with all of the images they need to market themselves in today’s digital landscape. You are going to love the photos we get throughout the shoot!"

- Matthew Hamilton

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Business Headshots

Your online presence is often where potential clients or employers will look for a first impression of you. That is why it is more important than ever to have a professional headshot representing you online. Are you displaying the best version of you online for the world to see?


Acting Headshots

Your acting headshot is your main marketing tool. Casting directors look through many headshots when looking for the right actor and it is usually the first time they see your face. Does your headshot grab their attention? Is your current headshot getting you the roles you want?