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Actor Headshots

As an actor, your acting headshot is your main marketing tool. Casting directors look through many headshots when looking for an actor to fill a role. Is your headshot going to grab their attention and make them want to bring you in? Does your current headshot show you the way you want to be seen? Lets get together and make sure your acting headshot is the best it can be!

Business Headshots

Your online presence is often where potential clients or employers will look for a first impression of you. That is why it is more important than ever to have a great professional headshot representing your business online. Are you displaying the best version of you online for the world to see? Your business headshots are an extremely powerful tool to help leverage your brand. Lets make sure you are maximizing the use of your headshots with professionally done business headshots!



This is unlike any photo shoot you may have had before! There is no “say cheese” in my studio. During your session, you will be taught all about how to look your best in your photos and it will all happen in a fun and relaxed environment. Laughing brings out the best expressions humans have to offer, so lets get to having some fun! Click the button below to schedule your shoot!


White Man Acting Headshot Philadelphia

Bernard Gasiorowski:

“Matthew's personality will put you at ease, which will help you relax, and therefore get great photos. His package fees are very reasonable, which makes it very affordable for all.”

White Woman Corporate Headshot Philadelphia

Kim Brown:

“I initially thought this was going to be an entirely awkward experience, forced smiles, just all sorts of un-natural movement. Not at all! The time flew by and I got fantastic shots. I highly recommend MHamiltonVisuals.”

Black Man Business Headshot Philadelphia

Godwin Okoli: 

“Matt's a consummate professional. He's knowledgeable of his craft, responsive to questions and inquiries and was able to create a welcoming environment in his studio for newbies such as myself.”



+ What if I hate having my photo taken?

Most people hate having their photo taken because they think they are not “photogenic”. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is capable of looking great in their photos. It is my job to loosen you up in front of the camera and get you looking your best. We will get some amazing photos throughout the shoot!

+ What do I bring to my headshot session?

I want you to bring multiple top options to choose from even if you book my “basic” headshot session which only includes 1 look. We will still go through all of the options you brought and talk about how the different looks will change peoples perception of you.

+ Who needs a professional headshot?

Having a professional headshot that represents you is more important than ever in this day and age. It is so easy to google people and see all types of things people are up to. It is your responsibility to have a clean professional photo to represent you, as social media becomes more and more prevalent. Your headshot acts as a first impression in many cases. It is up to your headshot to make that first impression a positive one.

+ Why do you crop the tops of heads in your photos?

I believe that the most important part of a headshot is your expression. In order to keep that part of the photo prevalent I crop into top of the head. This also allows me to get in close and show more of your clothing, which is also important. I have never heard of someone meeting someone after they saw their headshot and being surprised to see the rest of their head.

+ What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, PayPal, Venmo, Credit/Debit Card.

+ What does retouching mean?

All of my session packages include at least 1 retouched headshot. This means that you will be able to choose at least one of the photos to be retouched. Retouching is where all of that Photoshop magic that you hear about, comes into play. I don’t go crazy with my retouching because we want your new professional headshots to still look like you. Just you on your best day! Don’t worry about any acne, blemishes, or anything of the sort, that will all be taken care of in the retouching process. At the end of the shoot we will talk about retouching and what that may look like in your specific shots. Additional retouched photos can be purchased for $50.00

+ How long does retouching take?

Your retouched photos will be made available for download within 1 week from the time you select them. If you are needing a fast turnaround, I offer a 24 hour rushed retouching order for $35.00 per image.

+ Can I see the images you take during the shoot?

Of course! I take periodic breaks throughout the session that allow us to go through the photos on a big computer monitor. This is a great time for us to go through the photos and see what we may want to change or adjust.

+ You talk about “coaching” me, what does that entail?

This is what makes me a little different from other photographers you may run into around here. I focus my shoots heavily on expression and how those little subtle changes may effect how you are portrayed. Everyone needs help looking better in their photos and it is my job to create an environment that helps you flourish. I will teach you how to look confident, relaxed, approachable and fun in your headshot! I will both direct you and use a little bit of banter to help you forget the camera is even there! I will provide you with tips that will help you throughout your whole photo taking career.

+ Do you shoot on location?

If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like me to come to your office/location feel free to contact me for a custom quote. These sessions are scheduled in 15 minute intervals and are a great way for business’ to get a consistent and clean look throughout their headshots.

+ Do you offer discounts?

Please contact me if you have a group of 5 or more and would like to discuss group discounted rates for in studio headshots. I also offer my returning clients a $50.00 discount towards their session fee.

+ What if I still have more questions?

Don't be afraid to reach out to me if you still have questions that need answering. Just fill out the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

Headshot Photographer Philadelphia Bio

Philadelphia Headshot Photographer

My name is Matthew Hamilton and I am a portrait photographer in Philadelphia that specializes in headshots. My goal is to create all of the images you need to market yourself in this day and age. I will teach you how to look your best in your photos and help put you in the best light. I look forward to being YOUR headshot photographer!


Headshots Near Philadelphia

My studio is located in Northwest Philadelphia. It is conveniently placed near both R7 and R8 SEPTA Regional Rail train stations. I am only 20 minutes out of Center City and a few blocks from Lincoln Drive and Fairmount Park.

Acting Headshots

Are you an actor in Philadelphia and looking for a headshot photographer? As an actor, you know that having an amazing and unique professional acting headshot will catch the casting directors eye. My headshots will help you get in the door with the top agencies in the Philadelphia area, whether that is for musical theater, TV, or film productions. I have done headshots for both new and well versed actors. 

Corporate Headshots

Your corporate headshots don’t need to be boring and like all of the others you have seen. They can be super relaxed and show the real you! A professional, modern, looking corporate headshot will create a level of credibility and trust that can help create better job opportunities for you. I know, getting your headshot is a scary thing, but please do yourself a favor if you are still using that same photo from years ago, come into my studio! It will be so much easier than you think! 

LinkedIn Headshots

LinkedIn is the most important and popular social media platform for professionals of all kinds. This is not to say that the others are not important but LinkedIn is key in this regard. Having a not so great headshot on LinkedIn can be worse in some cases to not having a photo there at all. Don’t give companies a reason to pass over your profile and get a professional LinkedIn headshot!

Why Do I Need A Headshot?

You need a professional headshot, not just a selfie. Are you looking to expand your business to new clients? Are you on the job hunt? Are you trying to expand your social media presence? Are you being asked to speak at conferences? It could also be that you are an actor trying to make a name for yourself. Whatever your needs, you need your headshot to make a first impression before people even meet you. 

Headshot Photographer

Having a professional headshot is critical in today’s digital age. LinkedIn, Social media, Résumés, job searches, speaking jobs, auditions, and press releases. These are some of the possible reasons you may need a headshot. Help yourself grow and invest in a headshot done by a professional headshot photographer. Business headshots are vital if you want your business to be viewed as professional. Also, acting headshots are super important in order to be taken seriously in the industry. Lots of companies are looking through LinkedIn specifically to fill jobs, this is another reason why it is important to have your LinkedIn profile picture looking great. When you have a headshot that shows a confident, professional, and approachable person you are increasing the likelihood that people will reach out to you. It makes people want to work with you! You can rely on me to help guide you to that amazing headshot. I will help you be taken seriously with a professional headshot. That is why I became a headshot photographer, to help everyday people take their branding to the next level. Below is a list of some of the professions/people that absolutely require a professional headshot:

  • Student Headshots

  • Real Estate Headshots

  • Opera Headshots

  • Executive Headshots

  • Musician Headshots

  • LinkedIn Headshot

  • Social Media Headshots

  • Theatrical Headshots

  • Model Headshots

  • Child Headshots

  • Acting Headshot

  • Employee Headshots

  • Doctor Headshots

  • Attorney Headshots

  • Lawyer Headshots


Corporate Headshot

Being in front of the camera definitely takes some getting used to. I understand you may feel a little hesitant about getting your headshots done but that is why you have come to a professional. It is my job to help you look your best for your corporate headshot. Anyone can click the button from behind the camera but I will coach you into you best positions and help bring out the best “you” for your headshot. All you need to focus on is taking direction. I can handle everything else. 

Actor Headshot

If you are reading this far down my website page, I am confident you understand how important your actor headshot is. It is the number 1 marketing tool you have at your disposal. Whether you are just starting out your acting venture, or you have been performing for years, making sure you have a professional acting headshot will work wonders for your career. My headshots will help you get noticed by Philadelphia casting directors and talent agencies. I can also provide all of the images you may need for your comp card. 


Click the red button below to schedule your very own headshot session! 

Professional Headshots

Having professional headshots done can seem like a super forced experience. It can be super difficult to look good in your photos, I understand that, but it doesn’t have to be! The best thing you can do in front of the camera is laugh and try to relax. The more time we spend thinking about how we look in our photos the more stiff we become. Letting loose in front of the camera shows your personality more and is a huge step towards a fantastic headshot. You deserve the best headshots, that is why you go to a professional headshot photographer. Luckily, I am here to help! I will never leave you unsure and helpless during the shoot. I will help you choose what to wear for your headshots, how to pose in order for you to look your best, and help you get a headshot with that killer expression we are looking for. A professional headshot can open new doors for anyone. Getting an amazing headshot isn’t impossible and I would love to help you make it a reality! If you are in the Philly area, come see me!

Philadelphia Portrait Photographer

Are you looking for a portrait photographer in Philadelphia? Along with headshots I also provide my clients with portraits. Sometimes a portrait is a more appropriate was of showing off your personal brand. Fill out the form on my contact page, I would love to help with all of your portrait needs!

Staff Headshots

Are you looking to get headshots done for your staff? I offer companies a consistent look for their headshots with my staff headshots. Please fill out the form on my contact page, I would be happy to send over a custom proposal for your business.